Statement from Rector

Dear Colleagues, Dear Students,

We left 2016 behind with widespread terror and violence in different regions.

Especially in our country we were exposed to the treacherous coup attempt on July 15 and terrorist attacks driven by the same or similar sources.

As it is obvious to everyone, national unification and the unity of our country was aimed at by the terror groups under different names.

I commemorate our martyrs and veterans who gave their life for the future of our country with deep respect.

In these difficult times, we have seen that the effect FETO-PDY terrorist organization is very limited on our employees.  

As Uludağ University, In spite of the unfortunate events and ongoing uncertainty in the economy, we had a fruitful year in academic sense.

This showed us that we are a strong, unbroken family with goals for the country's development and knowing how to come together in patriotism.

However, we left the year behind during which we experienced significant change as a country with the impact of the recession and the fluctuations in world politics and trade.

Despite all the difficulties, Turkey is one of the three fastest growing countries in the world.

Thanks to our strong unity, we show the entire world that no power will be able to keep us from our goals.

As a family of Uludağ University, we need to work with more co-partners from patriotic civil society and business world dynamics in order to defeat every obstacle on the way of scientific and economic development of Turkey.

As Uludağ University, with population of over 80,000 with academics, employees and students, I believe that we will make no concessions of the ideals of our country and overcome every difficulty that we face with our utmost effort and determination.

We have done important studies as Uludağ University to be in accordance with development goals of our country with the vision of the 3rd Generation University. The support we provide to our academicians’ projects on innovation, R & D, design and branding will continue to increase in 2017 with the help of our state.

I believe that by continuing to encourage our academicians, we will have more scientific projects and publications. We will carry on with the reforms and investments that will help us to increase the quality of our education.

In the New Year, hoping to have positive developments in the economy of our country and the world, we will continue to increase our common work generating value through urban dynamics with the concept of ‘Science to Production, Production to Economy’.

With these feelings and thoughts; I wish that the year 2017 will be filled with success, peace and well-being for our country and our university. I wish war and sorrow are behind us, terror is eradicated from the earth.

 I offer my greetings and respects to you and the family.


Prof. Yusuf ULCAY