Attention to Candidates who will Register with Our University by 2017 ÖSYS Additional Placement!

Attention to candidates who will register with our university by 2017 ÖSYS Additional Placement!

As a result of the 2017 ÖSYS additional placement, students who are entitled to enroll in the University are required to register with the faculty / vocational school / vocational school with their ÖSYM Result Document.

Students placed in evening education classes will learn the student numbers from their units and make registration payments to Halkbank and then they can start the registration process.

Tuition Fees and Bank Information

Registration Dates: 13th September - 19th September 2017 within working hours.

Note: Those who do not meet the requirements for enrollment and those who do not complete enrollment in the course of time will lose their enrollment rights to the University. If the registration is later confirmed that the conditions for registration are not fulfilled it will be canceled.