2018-2019 Academic Year Fall Semester Lateral Transfer Via Central Placement Scores (Annex 1)

Within the scope of Annex 1 of “Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Principals of Intercollegiate Credit Transfer and Transfer, Dual Degree Programs, And Minor Programs between associate and bachelor levels at Higher Education Institutions”, which is about lateral transfer via central placement scores, you can find below required documents, application and evaluation calaendar for students who are to be transferred laterally. Applications must be made in person to the relevant departments (faculty/ college). Applications with missing documents or false statements will not be evaluated.


  1. ÖSYS-DGS Placement Result Document (internet print-out)

  2. LYS Result Document for those who would like to be transferred via other score types(internet print-out)

  3. Approved Transcript

  4. Approved Course Content (For the exemption procedure of the courses the student has passed.)

  5. ID Photocopy

  6. Student Certificate (from the student's own university or from e-state)

  7. Document Proving Lack of Disciplinary Penalty

  8. Document Showing the Student Has Not Been Transferred via Central Placement Score (Annex 1) Before

  9. Document Showing the Student Has passed Prep Class



Application Date: 01-15 August 2018

Devaluation Date: 27-31 Ağustos 2018

Announcement of the Results on the Webpage: 7th September 2018

Registration Date: 10-14 September 2018


CLICK for Annex 1 code of practice.

CLICK for Base point/Maximum point.

CLICK for Application form.

CLICK for Address and Contact Info of the Departments.