H2020 Project Titles to Be Launched in the Field of Nanotechnology

H2020 Project Titles to Be Launched in the Field of Nanotechnology


H2020 Consortiums will be established in the Nanotechnology Cluster Workshop, which is planned to be organized in March-April, with regard to the following project titles planned to be launched in the field of nanotechnology. Faculty members will be able to get information about the projects by attending the workshop if they send the titles they are planning to work on to sezerkerk@uludag.edu.tr by the end of February 14, 2017.

Support for the H2020 projects will be provided by PMC( Project Management Center).


PMC Coordinator


Nano-enabled lightweight multifunctional materials and components

Nano-enabled surfaces and membranes 

Functional materials for building envelopes 

Materials, manufacturing processes and devices for organic large area electronics

Smart materials for sensors in industrial settings 

Advanced materials for additive manufacturing 

Handling systems for flexible materials 

Improved production of recyclable materials containing plastics 

Improved industrial processing using novel high temperature resistant Materials

Materials and structures with intelligent recycling properties by design 

Photocatalytic synthesis 

Materials for future highly performant electrified vehicle batteries

Strengthening eu materials technologies for non-automotive battery storage 

Non-battery based energy storage

Materials for off shore energy

Smart materials, systems and structures for energy harvesting

Advanced materials for innovative multilayers for durable photovoltaics

Integration of energy smart materials in non-residential buildings

Smart operation of proactive residential buildings

Building information modelling adapted to efficient renovation

Validation of integrated thermal storage systems

New developments in plus energy houses

Industrialisation of plug & build envelope for the renovation market

Hybrid storage systems for power and heat in residential buildings and districts

Digital technologies for construction, from design to end of life