Online Video Training Database at the Library



Vidobu is an online video training platform that provides training in the fields of personal development, professional development, information technologies, photography, graphic design, web design, programming, 3D modeling and animation, video montage and editing in Turkish.


1st METHOD On-campus Access  (Membership is not required when connecting via on-campus IP-defined computer or EDUROAM)
2nd METHOD Off-campus Access  (Membership is not required when enrolled in the E-Library portal)
3rd METHOD Access with Mail Activation from any Place   (You can access from any place by activating membership with your university e-mail address.)


Access from anywhere with Mail Activation

1.) From any internet network, go to and fill out "Uludağ University Membership Activation Form" below the page completely. Mail address should start with your student number and continue with @
2.) Click the Register button.
3.) The message will appear as follows: "You can complete your membership application by clicking on the link sent to your e-mail."
4.) From your mail box ( find the corresponding mail and click the confirmation link.

When you take step 4, your account will now be linked with Uludag University. By logging in with your username (your student e-mail address) and the password you have set up on the login screen, you will be able to access the video from anywhere you want without any problems.


Important Note: The e-mail address beginning with your student number and extension with @ has been defined for all students (associate degree, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral degree). If you click on the Quick Menu head on the top right of the main web page of our university, you can access the automation password from the student mail link.


For Detailed Information and Help Contact Us!

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