Anadolu University Open Education Faculty Personnel Transactions System (AUGIS) Renewed

Anadolu University Personnel Transactions System (AUGIS) has been renewed in order to carry out the examination organization processes more healthily. For this reason, those who want to take part in the central exams conducted by our university need to re-enroll in AUGIS and update their information. AUGIS can be accessed from the User's Guide, which describes the registration processes, at The working logic of the new system is similar to the previous system. Those who are not registered at Anadolu University Examination Services System or Building Process System cannot register with the new system. When compared to the previous system, the main differences in the new system are as follows:

• Cell phone number and e-mail information stored in the system is special to a single user and can only be used by one person. If the same mobile phone number is registered in the system by another attendant again, the previous account with the relevant mobile phone number is turned off. Similarly, if the same e-mail address is registered to the system by another attendant again, the e-mail address with the same e-mail account will be deleted.

• In our future processes, it is planned to include photographs of officers on exam duty cards to facilitate the identification of examiners. For this reason, it is mandatory for registered persons to upload profile photos.