Announcement for 100/2000 HEC PhD Scholarship 2018-2019 Fall Semester Applications

In the priority areas determined by the Council of Higher Education, HEC Doctorate Scholarships will be given in 100 thematic areas at the national universities in Turkey to meet the need of our country for doctoral human resources. State Universities will be able to demand min. 3 and max. 10 doctoral scholarships for each area for 10 priority areas to be determined in accordance with the demands of the faculty members, university strategic plan and infrastructure resources. For this scholarship program, academics who would like to demand students on condition that they belong to one of the 100 priority areas, must fill in the attached form and submit it to until the end of 24th June 2018. Academics can both demand scholarships for their currently registered doctoral students who have not received their thesis yet and can demand new doctoral students for the courses they want to work on. Since each university will apply for 10 students for each priority area, it is better for the academics to work together to form a working group. However, applications can also be made on an individual basis.

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