Realize Your Business Idea With Ulukoza

The Technology Transfer Office, which is incorporated at Uludag University, is re-launching its training and mentoring services so that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial teams with technology-based business ideas can receive a grant within the TÜBİTAK 1512 Individual Young Enterprise Program.

BIGG ULUKOZA offers free training, consultancy and mentoring services for the business plans and presentations that must be prepared for TUBITAK 1512 2nd stage so that entrepreneurs can receive a grant support of up to 150.000 TL.

UU-TTO Director Oğuz Yapar gave detailed information about the subject; "BIGG ULUKOZA is a program funded by TUBİTAK, the official implementing agency of the TUBITAK 1512 Program. This program can be applied for by undergraduate senior students, graduate students and PhD students. In addition, applicants who have graduated from undergraduate, graduate or doctoral programs of the universities that have formal education within a maximum of 10 years can also apply. We also aim to increase the academic entrepreneurship throughout the program. At the end of the trainings, entrepreneurs will be provided by such perks as office opportunity, free training, mentorship and consultancy. Applicants with a technology-based business idea can make their application at, "he said. Oğuz Yapar also informed that the applications will be taken between July 13th and September 2nd.