100/2000 HEC Scholar System

HEC 100/2000 Priority Areas PhD Scholarship Program is a doctoral scholarship program at state universities provided by Higher Education Council. 125 students from Bursa Uludağ University are continuing their doctoral studies in 15 different areas. Our university is the top university in terms of the number of scholars. For this reason, a new automation system has been opened where HEC 100/2000 PhD scholars can be monitored. Through this system, any data about scholars, counselor academics, institutes, and scholarship payments can be entered. Scholars can not only enter personal information but also enter data about their academic studies and their general views. There are also screens where counselors can enter general views about their scholar students and their career development. With this system, it is aimed to monitor 100/2000 scholars' career developments and to inform HEC and the University management in the form of 6 monthly reports. Access to the 100/2000 HEC Scholarship System is available on our university web page. All scholars and counselor academics are required to complete their entries by 03.09.2018.

For information: Department of Information Technologies; Coşkun KAZANCI