Turkey- Pakistan Project Based International Exchange Program Call


It is approved by the Higher Education Executive Commitee Decision dated 27.06.2018 that a project based international exchange program between Turkey and Pakistan will be started in the 2018-2019 academic year that applies to graduate students and academic members. Project coordinators must make their applications between 08.07.2018 and 15.09.2018 on https://yoksis.gov.tr and submit a print-out of the application with a cover letter signed by the rector to Higher Education Council via the university's Mevlana Coordinatorship. 

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For any questions/ predicaments that may occur during the application, please contact the e-mails given below:

For info about regulations;  For technical information;
Esra Ebru MAVİ    Emre Ceviz   
esra.mavi@yok.gov.tr emre.ceviz@yok.gov.tr
Nevin TİRYAKİ    Aynur Günay   
nevin.tiryaki@yok.gov.tr  aynur.gunay@yok.gov.tr