Notification of Inventions at Uludağ University

In accordance with the Article 121 of the Industrial Property Law No. 6769 which entered into force on 10.01.2017, it is now obligatory by law that all of our staff, especially our academic staff, who plan to make or have been making patent applications for their inventions, must notify the university.

If our academics who work with industries and private sector have made a patent application since 31.10.2017, the patent application document should be attached to the Invention Notification Form, in which the so called patent application is mentioned.

This notification must to the Scientific Research Projects Unit (BAP) through the medium of the relevant Dean's Office / Directorate until 15.10.2018. For the inventions notified to the Uludağ University Technology Transfer Office (UÜ-TTO) before 10.01.2017, a new notification is not necessary.

Law No. 6769 Article 121

Regulation on Employee Inventions of Law No. 6769, Inventions in Higher Education Institutions and Inventions in Public Supported Projects Article 28-35