How to use Eduroam

The work done by Information Technology Department Network Management will be activated on 17.01.2019 and our staff will need to arrange Eduroam connection form.

Our staff wishing to use the free wireless internet service (Eduroam) in our university need to write their username with the extension in the part "Username" (user ID on device) in order to connect to eduroam network from mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Example :  
User Name (E-mail address) :                                                 For students student
User Password (E-mail password) : The password to connect to your e-mail box    For students student automation password
There is no need to arrange other connection settings in order to connect to Eduroam. You can visit if you have a problem in the connection setup.
Click on the links below for videos.
IOS ->
Android ->
MacOsX ->