Announcement for Graduate Students about the Obligatory Publication Requirement to Attend the Thesis Defense Examination at our University


1. Graduate students who are studying in our institutes are required to prepare at least 2 publications for doctorate degrees and 1 for graduate degrees during their studies.

2. This rule is valid for Master's and PhD students who are not at the stage of thesis on September 8th, 2016.

3. For Master's Degree:
1 article from A.1.3 or 2 articles from A.1.15 or A.1.16 or 1 article from A.1.15 or A.1.16 and presentation of National / International Congress

    For PhD:

Two articles from A.1.1 or A.1.2 or A.1.3 in the Institute of Social Sciences

At least 2 articles, at least 1 article in A.1.1 or A.1.2 for Science, Health and Educational Sciences Institutes and 1 published article in A.1.3

1. Publications are required to be related to the thesis topic.

2. All publications must be full-text original published or approved to be published.

3. It should be a consultant and student in the publications to be made. However, other researchers may be found.

4. If there are two graduate students in the article, the article can be used by only one student. An article can be used for one thesis defense condition.

5. For the congress presentations to be accepted as a congress article, full text should be published in the congress booklet.


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