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#1"Disability Awareness" Training to the University Staff20-02-2019 Read More
#2BUÜ State Conservatory hosts CAKA 2019 Winter School11-02-2019 Read More
#3Prof. Dr. Kılıçarslan appointed President of Turkish Urology Association28-01-2019 Read More
#4Horizon 2020 SME Tool & EUREKA & ICT Thematic Field Information Day and One-to-One Meetings28-01-2019 Read More
#5Special Thanks from Minister Varank to Bursa Uludağ University28-01-2019 Read More
#6The Best Report Card Gift for Children: Maker Workshop21-01-2019 Read More
#7Folk Songs from Rumelia to Anatolia09-01-2019 Read More
#8Great success from the Master Swimming Team31-12-2018 Read More
#9Prof. Dr. Hüsamettin Arslan's Name to Be Kept Alive at Uludağ University26-12-2018 Read More
#102019 Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin Year - Article Competition18-12-2018 Read More
#11High Technology Attack from Bursa Uludag University06-12-2018 Read More
#12Bursa's Folk Dances were Discussed26-11-2018 Read More
#13Macedonia President Gjorge Ivanov Meets Academic Staff and Students26-11-2018 Read More
#14European Patent for a Compound that Cures Colon Cancer21-11-2018 Read More
#15A Visit from New Governer Canbolat to BUU14-11-2018 Read More
#16Bursa Uludağ University commemorates Atatürk with longing and mercy!12-11-2018 Read More
#17New deans to five faculties at Bursa Uludağ University09-11-2018 Read More
#18The History of Uludağ University is on Display01-11-2018 Read More
#1926th Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Davutoğlu at Uludağ University25-10-2018 Read More
#20BUTECH Information Technology Group participated in Riga Comm 2018 Fair23-10-2018 Read More
#21TÜBİTAK President Prof.Dr. Hasan Mandal at Bursa Uludag University23-10-2018 Read More
#22An Interesting Event from Student Communities21-10-2018 Read More
#23Student communities meet16-10-2018 Read More
#24University Support for Guest Students11-10-2018 Read More
#25Diplomacy and the Role of War will be discussed at Uludag University09-10-2018 Read More