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#1Symposium on Kanuni Sultan Süleyman19-02-2018 Read More
#2Breaking Ground for the biggest mosque in Bursa19-02-2018 Read More
#3Medical students focus on 'psychosomatic'19-02-2018 Read More
#4Gagauz Turks discussed at Uludağ University16-02-2018 Read More
#5Breaking Ground for New Mosque15-02-2018 Read More
#6Pilot Project from Orhangazi Asil Çelik Vocational School15-02-2018 Read More
#7Uludağ University produces organic chicken and eggs with EU Project15-02-2018 Read More
#8World-famous Language Learning Program at Uludag University15-02-2018 Read More
#9Migration Policies Told to Future Diplomats14-02-2018 Read More
#10Scientific Support from Uludag University to Girls’ High School12-02-2018 Read More
#11Developments in Neuropsychiatry and Genetics discussed at Uludag University11-02-2018 Read More
#12Founder Rector Ömer Fethi Tezok Not Forgotten11-02-2018 Read More
#13City Orchards: Last Stop for Organic Agriculturists06-02-2018 Read More
#14Doctor Candidates Choosing Uludağ University Receives a Great Amount of Scholarship05-02-2018 Read More
#15UU School of Foreign Languages ​​is now the International Exam Center05-02-2018 Read More
#16The Event that does not Host Bursaspor Cancels05-02-2018 Read More
#17The Number of Foreign Students at Uludag University has Reached up to 5 Thousand02-02-2018 Read More
#18Award to the Most Successful Academicians22-01-2018 Read More
#19Virtual Reality App in Vocational Education22-01-2018 Read More
#20Permanent Training Center Protocol Signed22-01-2018 Read More
#21Uludag University Sports Teams Marked Europe in 201709-01-2018 Read More
#22 Human Resource Directors of Future Trained at Uludağ University09-01-2018 Read More
#23Companies at ULUTEK Add Value to the Economy07-01-2018 Read More
#24Turkey's Most Qualified 'Mediation' Training Begins20-12-2017 Read More
#25Uludağ University Takes Part in the World Medical Literature20-12-2017 Read More