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#1TÜBİTAK Award to the Project of Industrial Engineering Students15-11-2016 Read More
#2Academic Cooperation with Azerbaijan Baku State University of Economics13-11-2016 Read More
#3Bike Tour for Organ Donation12-11-2016 Read More
#4 The international success of Conservatory student Elif Sinan11-11-2016 Read More
#5We Commemorate with Deep Respect and Gratitude10-11-2016 Read More
#6The Great Leader Atatürk was commemorated on the 78th anniversary of his transition to eternity10-11-2016 Read More
#7USİM Continues To Be a Model07-11-2016 Read More
#8Qualified Labor Force Support To Telecommunication Sector06-11-2016 Read More
#9 'Secondos Project' Gains Strength with Innsbruck University 01-11-2016 Read More
#10The World's Problem 'Immigration', is Being Discussed at Uludağ University01-11-2016 Read More
#11Cooperation with Provincial Directorate of National Education on International Religious Schools Project31-10-2016 Read More
#12Medical Student Said Erkam Bıyıkoğlu is a World Champion30-10-2016 Read More
#13"Happy 29th October Republic Day"27-10-2016 Read More
#14Ziya Suvar, Uludağ University Physical Education Department Instructor has been the 3rd runner-up in Weightlifting Competition25-10-2016 Read More
#15Uludağ University Designs the Future of Education21-10-2016 Read More
#16Significant Contribution of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to Livestock20-10-2016 Read More
#17International Music Symposium was a Great Success 17-10-2016 Read More
#18The 4th International Philosophy Congress Started17-10-2016 Read More
#19Bursa Has Become a Role model for Turkey 17-10-2016 Read More
#20Technology Development Zones Gather Strength14-10-2016 Read More
#21Turkey Has a "Hives Guide" 12-10-2016 Read More
#22Winter Programs Start at ULUTEK Maker12-10-2016 Read More
#23The Faculty of Medicine renewed quality certificate04-10-2016 Read More
#24Expat Students Prefer Uludağ University30-09-2016 Read More
#25Uludağ University Globalizes with Project Based Mevlana Exchange Program29-09-2016 Read More