Orthopedics and Traumatology Policlinic was Renovated Thoroughly


Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine Orthopedics and Traumatology Department was opened to service with its fully renovated face after extensive renovations.

In the course of time, Policlinic of the Orthopedics and Traumatology Department of the Medical Faculty of Uludağ University, which is in need of renovations and some modifications, has been totally renovated with the support of philanthropist Ali Muhtar and his family. All the clinic units, examination rooms and meeting rooms are completely reconstructed, and also the interior furnishings are renewed. Uludağ University Rector Prof. Yusuf Ulcay, Vice-Chancellor Aslı Hockenberger, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Selim Gürel, General Manager of BUSKİ İsmail Cetinavcı, Chief of Hospital Assoc. Prof. Yakup Canıtez, philanthropist Ali Muhtar, architect Tolga Muhtar and his family, university administrators and hospital personnel participated the opening ceremony of the Department.

Prof. Yusuf Ulcay, who had visited the renewed face of the clinic thoroughly, thanked Ali Muhtar and his family for their support. Prof. Ulcay pointed out that the supports made to the hospitals are very important. Ulcay said "Our philanthropists are helping out with our old construction here, and our doctors are helping out the patients who come here. In fact, indirectly charitable people play an important role in the healing of sick people. It is much easier to serve sick people in a modern and well-kept environment. I thank those who help and support,"