Huge Scholarship to PhD Students

In order to train qualified human resources that will shape the next 10 years of Turkey, a total of 2 thousand student scholarship opportunities were provided in 100 areas. At the end of the first call made under the 100/2000 Project prepared by YÖK, Uludağ University got a total of 85 scholarships. Uludağ University was one of the universities that is given the highest number of doctorate student quotas by YÖK.


Uludağ University Rector's Assistant Prof. Aslı Hockenberger gave information about the process of the Ph.D. scholarship program and said; "Students will be able to start receiving scholarships after their applications are approved by the Higher Education Council. They will be able to receive scholarships covering a total of 12 months per year for a total of 4 years. The amount of scholarship was determined as 1800 TL. What should be considered here is; working areas will be interdisciplinary. It will be independent from the department of profession,

Prof. Hockenberger also provided information on the departments and quotas for doctoral scholarships. Vice Rector Prof. Hockenberger said; "The areas and quotas for the 65 PhD students who will start to take over in the next July are; 10 for Molecular Oncology, 10 for Molecular Pathology, 10 for Spiritual Counseling, 5 for Power and Storage Technologies, 10 for New Generation Composites and Multifunctional Nanocomposite Materials, 10 for Transport Intelligent Transportation Systems, and 10 for Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Investigations The number of scholarships is announced as a quota of doctoral students. "