Huge Success from the Badminton Team

Uludağ University's Badminton Team became a European champion three years in a row, breaking a very difficult record.

Badminton team of Uludağ University competed in "European Universities Championship" held in the Slovenia's capital city Lubliyana, and reached the semi-finals by winning all the Group matches. Badminton Team defeats 3-0 the 2016 finalist Opole University of Poland in the semi-finals and the third consecutive Champion Oslo University of Norway with a score of 3-0 in the finals and became champion a European champion three years in a row.

Players of the team include Buse Ceylan, Emine Demirtaş, Neslihan Yiğit, Aleyna Aslan, Cemre Fere, Özge Bayrak, Sinan Zorlu, Emre Lale, Yusuf Ramazan Bay, Emre Cömert and Mustafa Kutlu. The Coach is Aygül Akca, managers are Hamza Meral and Tuncer Topsaç, and Osman İlhan is the physician of the team.