Uludağ University produces organic chicken and eggs with EU Project

Uludağ University produces organic chicken and eggs with EU Project

Uludag University Faculty of Agriculture starts to produce organic eggs and organic chicken with a project supported by the European Union. The result of the project will be shared with the organic producers and this production line will thus be developed in our country.


Europe International Organic Food and Farming Systems Research Coordination-CORE ORGANIC COFUND" will grant one million 205 thousand euros to the organic poultry project, which partners Turkey, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium. The project will determine the most appropriate genotypes for organic poultry in Turkey.


The project in Turkey will be carried out by Prof. Dr. Aydın İpek and Research Assistant Arda Sözcü from Uludag University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science.


Project Manager Prof. Dr. Aydin İpek stated that the European Union project titled "Optimizing the use of free range as the key to improve the organic chicken production (FreeBirds)" is the first project to be carried out in our country and that within the scope of the project, Uludag University Agricultural Faculty, Livestock Research and Application Farm will be granted 100 thousand euros worth of infrastructure investment.


Organic production with a total of 2 thousand chickens, one thousand of which are for eggs and one thousand are for poultry, will begin in three months and at different times in Uludag University's organic production-proper fields which have not been used for conventional production for twenty-five years.




With the project, the optimal standards of environmental conditions, feeding principles and grazing areas will be determined. A 4 square meter navigational area will be reserved for each chicken that will be fed with organic food.


As a result of the project, the performances, behaviors and welfare parameters of alternative genotypes for laying hens and fowl chickens in organic poultry farming will be shared with the organic producers and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.


Organic eggs and chicken meat to be obtained within the scope of the project will be sold at the stores of the Faculty of Agriculture of Uludağ University. Chickens are expected to be cut in 81 days.