UU Students' Success in Autonomous Vehicle

Uludag University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student Group (IEEE) students won the 3rd place at mini autonomous vehicle competition with ULUNOM and ULUCAR teams.

MARC Mini Autonomous Vehicle Competition, which was sponsored by Bosch and was organized by OpenZeka in Ankara, has been completed. The students of Uludağ University managed to become the 3rd with their two teams.

A total of 23 teams, 4 of which were high school, 13 university, and 6 autonomous vehicle enthusiasts, took place at the competition. ULUNOM and ULUCAR teams won the 5th and 6th places in the first leg of the organization, and then they became the 3rd in the final competition.


IEEE Uludag Student Group President Mustafa Keleş said that they would like to take part in the domestic automobile project and make a contribution by moving forward their knowledge and experience they gained during the competition. Mustafa Keleş stated that they aim to get better grades in national and international competitions by making autonomous vehicles in real size next year; "We need sponsor support to achieve these goals. Our university gives us every kind of support, but for the work we do and the parts we use, we definitely need a sponsor. During the competition we made a lot of sacrifices. We have made progress in the project faster by paying our debts with the support of BAP of Uludağ University, SKS of Uludağ University and the main sponsor AIT (Advanced Information Technologies). We owe them our success, "he said.