New Laboratory for Students of Technical Sciences Vocational School

Uludağ University Technical Sciences Vocational School Gas Burning and Heating Systems Laboratory was opened with the participation of university administrators, sector partners and academicians.

Speaking at the opening of the laboratory at the UU Technical Sciences Vocational School, Gas and Plumbing Program Lec. Dr. M. Emin Uğur Öz stated that they aimed at making Turkey a center of attraction in terms of information technology and manpower in the international arena. He said: "The result of last year's university examinations shows that the number of students who prefer educational institutions that provide professional training is declining for many reasons. As a result, the level of skills and the qualifications of the students who prefer educational institutions that provide professional training are also declining.”

Technical Sciences Vocational School Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karahan underlined that the most important tool in the vocational high school is the workshop and laboratory and said: "Our classes should be carried out at labs, not in front of the blackboard, so we need a workshop. We have a workshop legacy from past administrations. This heritage is a great advantage for us but our workshop heritage is getting old in years. Like the management before us, we have added to it. We have 2 new labs now."

After the speeches, plaques and thanks documents were given to the sector partners and to those who contributed in the lab work.