Beneficent Businessman Gives Uludağ University Laboratory Support

The laboratory that Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Engineering Civil Engineering Department has needed for years is available now. Muzaffer Rızvanoğlu, a beneficent businessman from the city, will have the Construction Materials Laboratory Building built for the university.

In the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering, the problem of the laboratory building, which seems to be lacking for a long time, is being eliminated. Due to the current conditions, tests performed outside can now be done in laboratories after the building has been completed. Thanks to the protocol signed between UU Rector Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ulcay and Rızvanoğlu Construction Chairman Muzaffer Rızvanoğlu, structural analyzes and tests will now be carried out in the Construction Materials Laboratory. The lab, which will be built at the backside of the department building, will be 200 square meters and will be suitable for any kind of structural analysis.


Speaking at the protocol ceremony held in the Rector's Hall, Rector Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ulcay said that a major deficiency will be resolved for the Civil Engineering Department,. Rector Ulcay noted that they have tried to solve this problem and said: "Department Head Prof. Dr. Adem Doğangün, administrators and academicians have exchanged views on this issue at different times. We have tried to find sponsors. Mr. Rızvanoğlu responded positively when he was asked for sponsorship. The department needed it badly. I would like to thank everyone who contributed. We are starting to get support from Bursa industrialists. You should not expect everything from the state. We know that there are many businessmen in our city who will contribute to such good works. We thank all the benefactors for their support. "

Civil Engineering Department Head Prof. Dr. Adem Doğangün stated that their department is progressing day by day and that some necessities come up over time. He thanked everybody who was supportive of the university and donated.

Emphasizing that Uludağ University is one of the city's brand organizations, Muzaffer Rızvanoğlu also stated that they would continue to give any kind of support in case of demand.