Famous Authors and Academicians Discuss Playwriting

The 2nd National Dramatic Writing Workshop, which was first organized by Uludağ University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2014, was held in Mudanya with great participation.

Prof. Dr. Özdemir Nutku, the theater connoiseur of Turkey with his 114 books and numerous scholarly articles, was the most notable person of the day.

In the first session of the workshop held as three sessions, Prof. Dr. Özdemir Nutku, Prof. Dr. Hülya Nutku, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Sekmen shared their experiences on playwriting.

In the second session after lunch, Playwright Tuncer Cücenoğlu, Playwright Nazif, Dr. Mine Artu Mutlugün, Dr. Bünyamin Aydemir discussed the past and today and the problems of playwriting. During the last session moderated by Performing Arts Department Head Assoc. Ali Sait Liman, Dr. Banu Çakmak lectured on "Curriculum of Dramatic Writing Departments", Dr. Birgül Yeşiloğlu Güler "Spiral of Silence", Dr. Erhan Mutlugün "Stage Photography", and Dramatic Writing Art Major Head Dr. İbrahim İ. Öztahtalı spoke on "The Objective of Theater and Reading Skill".

Dr. İbrahim İ. Öztahtalı explained that a playwright should increase his observation power by learning how to use his / her senses in the best way. He also added that a good playwright should first know himself and then the society.

The students Department of Acting and Dramatic Writing showed great interest in the workshop and expressed that they benefited well from the experience of academicians and authors.

At the end of the workshop, a consensus was reached that the theater community should know each other closely and that the theater should be widened and joint projects should be produced.