UU Medical Faculty Realizes Liver Transplant to Five-Month-Old Baby

Uludağ University Medical Faculty Hospital realized liver transplant to a five-month-old baby for the first time.

Uludağ University Medical Faculty Hospital Organ Transplant Coordinatorship realized its 450th liver transplant. Irmak, Ayfer and Karaman Türk's five-month-old baby who was diagnosed with liver failure a month ago, was transplanted a liver successfully. Organ Transplant Center Director Prof. Dr. Ekrem Kaya and Dr. Ziya Dündar did the surgery, where they transplanted the father's liver to his little daughter. The baby, who had difficulty breathing before, now breathes alright flashing smiles to everyone around. Dr. Taner Özgür, who monitors Irmak Türk's health after surgery said, " She was four months old when she first came here, and she had hepatitis. Upon examination, she was diagnosed with liver failure and it was decided that transplant was necessary. For the first time in this hospital, such a young patient was transplanted a liver from her father. The surgery was successful."

Irmak's mother and father said that they were very happy that their child underwent a successful operation.