Scholarship For Doctoral Students Working With Industries

TUBITAK has launched a new support program called “2244 Industrial Ph.D. Program” aimed at educating qualified human resources with the degree of doctorate required in the industry through university-industry cooperation within the scope of our country's priority area targets in 2023.

In order to encourage the employment of more researchers in the private sector within the scope of the program, scholarships for PhD students and employment support for the private sector will be given. In this respect, it is aimed to improve the human resource which is of critical importance in quantitative and qualitative way in order to achieve the technological transformation aimed with grants, supports and investment supports and to reach desired levels in the value chain. In line with this goal, the needs of the companies will be focused and the training of doctoral human resource will be ensured in cooperation with the companies

It will be possible to apply to the Industrial Ph.D. Program for state or private universities that provide doctorate education in Turkey, research infrastructures qualified under the Law No. 6550 and private sector organizations. In addition, R & D / design centers under the Law no. 5746 and capital companies and private sector organizations within technoparks can join the project.


Bursa Uludag University Rector Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ulcay and Vice Rector in Charge of Research Prof. Dr. Aslı Hockenberger held a meeting with PhD students, introduced the Industrial PhD Program and answered the questions.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ulcay said that one of the countries with the highest number of doctoral and graduate degrees in the world is the USA and the other is China. "Today, the number of doctoral graduates corresponding to a thousand person population in China is 2.2. In the United States, this number is 1.7. It is 1.5 in Europe and 1.1 in Japan and South Korea. It is 0.4 in Turkey. We are one of the two most populous countries of Europe in terms of the number of styudents. There are about 118 thousand doctoral students in Turkey. The target number for the year 2023 is 250 thousand. It needs to double up. If every university doubles this number, we will scarcely reach the target. I am calling for our students here; Do not settle for undergraduate studies, go on to graduate studies. Our state has a lot of support, "he said.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ulcay; “It is aimed to increase the number of doctoral researchers, but they can not be employed by universities. When PhD students finish their studies, their assistantship ends. With the “2244 program” we will try to get these researchers into the sector. The state will support these students throughout the year. Sectors with R & D centers will also provide 25 per cent of the support for doctoral researchers. Bursa is fortunate in this regard because there are about 230 companies with R & D centers. We've got 5 people on duty right now. We will go negotiate with companies. You will be able to work on your areas of interest.”

Bursa Uludağ University's Vice Rector in Charge of Research Prof. Dr. Aslı Hockenberger also gave information about the TÜBİTAK 2244 Industrial PhD Program. Prof. Hockenberger stated that Uludağ University moved towards the goal of becoming a 3rd Generation university and that this program was a great opportunity for PhD students.

Indicating that the 2244 program will be implemented in two ways, Hockenberger said, "The first is the University-Industry Cooperation Model. In this model, a university / research infrastructure and a private sector organization come together. The second is the Pre-Competitive University-Industry Cooperation Model. In this, at least two private sector organizations come together with the university / research infrastructure. You can apply to whichever is right for you, "he said.


In order to apply for the 2244 program, it is necessary to have a master degree for doctoral degree and a degree of bachelor for integrated doctoral degree program. It is desired that those who continue to doctorate education in a higher education institution have not passed the thesis phase.