What exactly is Eduroam?

EDUROAM (educationalroaming) is a worldwide network system developed for international research and education community that hosts academic foundations from 54 different countries. This network; grants the students, researchers and the staff internet connection on their devices at the places they live and visit (free).

Who can use Eduroam?

All Uludağ University students (Vertical-Horizontal Pass and Student Exchange Programs included), our staff and anyone that visits us here who has

EDUROAM on their own university can connect to Eduroam.

How do you connect to Eduroam?

Each device has a separate configuration technique for Eduroam (PC-MAC-ANDROID etc.) Downbelow, there are links to configuration tutorial videos for

each device. Please watch the tutorial of the device you want to config carefully then download the files from the links below.


Windows Xp, 7, 8, 10

Mac Os X